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Beautiful White Mountains AZ Cabin Welcomes You HomeWhite Mountains AZ cabins are our specialty!  So many styles to choose from in the White Mountains, big, small and in-between, for every pocketbook and every lifestyle.  Wonderful for full-time living, retirement living, and of course, spectacular for a vacation cabin.  There are full-log cabins, 1/2-log cabins, kit cabins, cedar-sided cabins, A-frames, wall-of-window cabins with huge open areas, and more. But most of all, there's nothing like a high-altitude mountain cabin to change your attitude!

Here are some factors to consider when choosing a cabin we hope you'll find informative: For many, cabins mean log construction. Understanding the types of cabins is essential for making a sound decision on what type would be best suited for your needs, wants, and budget. The more expensive cabins are built with handcrafted logs, which provide the home with a more organic feel. Handcrafted logs tend to be larger than your cookie-cutter, milled logs, or what some refer to as 'kit home logs'. Unlike handcrafted logs, milled logs are factory produced and less expensive. Overall, log homes typically have a higher price tag due to the complexities of construction, wiring, plumbing, HVAC, etc., and require more exterior maintenance than other more conventional types of exteriors and siding.

The most economical way to achieve that cabin-style look without logs is with half-log siding. This is simply wood siding that is installed on a home's exterior that's built with conventional lumber. If you want a lower maintenance siding, concrete log siding can provide you with the look of wood without the long-term hassle of replacing, sanding, staining, & finishing wood siding.



White Mountains AZ Cabins for Sale