Big family home to small and cozy homeThe Wachter Team increasingly is seeing home sellers and buyers who are in the process of downsizing.  And we can relate.

When was the last time we used a gigantic soup tureen that Pam made?  Or the enormous turkey platter?  The place settings for 12?  Certainly visions of joyful gatherings, parties, the fun and enjoyment we remember tug at our fond memories.  But, more and more as we and others look around our big homes, stuffed with a lifetime of things that mean things, we're a little lost. 

So we fully understand our downsizing clients.  We want to help.  It's such an emotional time.  But it makes sense to look at downsizing from a logical standpoint.  Is it right for you at this time in your life?  Time to focus on the future and not the past?  Let's think it through together.

  • How Much Space Do You Really Need?  Empty nesters probably don't need that 3rd or 4th bedroom.Dos and don'ts of downsizing a simple guide  More than likely friends, family won't mind being put up in a nearby hotel for family gatherings.  More than likely children and grandchildren may be distant.  At least that's what we're seeing. And most family will empathize with your desire to give up the family home that you kept for them all those years.  Most family just want you to be happy.  How often to you have company?  Really, how often are children and grandchildren able to visit?  Look at things the way they are.  Not the way the used to be.  Yes, it's hard, and we all yearn for days gone by-- but there's a whole lot more life to come!
  • Would You Like or Need the Extra Money?  A large family home has usually built up a lot of equity over the years, and in many cases we see that the home is owned "free and clear".  The opportunity to capitalize on that investment is a huge plus.  Think of what you could do with the money the sale will free up.  You might be able to retire a few years earlier.  Be able to travel, see and do things you've always wanted to do.
  • How About Less Maintenance?  Big homes require lots of maintenance, and you may be at a point in your life where you just don't want, or actually can't perform the maintenance needed.  Those situations can build to the point where fixes aren't simple and aren't inexpensive.  Downsizing can cut down on those concerns.  And there's nothing to be ashamed of when you admit you no longer can mow lawns or vacuum acres of carpeting.  It's time for you to relax and enjoy the rest of your life.
  • A New Neighborhood?  How about living conveniently?  Surround yourself with parks, activities, hobbies, all within reach.  Moving out of a "family neighborhood" into a neighborhood with more people your age and stage of life can be actually invigorating!  Surroundings that aren't family-centered, because, after all, you're done with that.  Time to move on!
  • Can You Change Your Lifestyle?  Yes, you can.  If you've spent your entire life hosting family barbecues, big holiday gatherings, there will be an adjustment.  Thing is, you've probably already entered that phase of your life but aren't really quite aware that you have.  But actually, you don't have to give all that up.  It will just be a change of venue.  Think of going places with the family rather than hunkering down in the home place.  There are exciting things that you will be able to do with family once you're no longer tied to the family home.  Home is where YOU are, period!