Boost the value of your home with lightingDo you want to know about some easy effort, low-cost but highly effective things you can do to increase the asking price of your home?

If you're seriously thinking about putting your home on the market, or if it's already up for sale, you can boost your home's value by making some small changes that will certainly make your home stand out during showings, and also address any potential issues before buyers do. Here are five super-easy ways to boost - if not skyrocket the value of your home.Skyrocket the Value of Your Home

Kitchen and Bathrooms First

If you're considering some remodeling, updating, or upgrading, the kitchen and bathrooms are where you should concentrate first. Those two areas are proven to affect the value of your home the most, and you’ll benefit from spending the most time and money on improving them. To keep costs down and avoid expensive major overhauls, pay attention to only what will give you the most return on a relatively small investment of money and time versus renovation.  A fresh coat of paint, maybe a facelift of countertops and cabinets, new faucets and fixtures will actually leave you with a high return.

Move It All Around

You've heard this before: De-clutter! Clutter is visual noise and seriously detracts from the buyer's attention to all the value aspects of your home. Get rid of any clutter.  Moving furniture slightly away from the walls will also make the rooms seem more open and spacious.  Less is more!  Store away whatever furniture you don't need to increase visual appeal and a clean look.  Are there any rooms you might transform into an extra bedroom?  A few new pieces of furniture can transform a small den or home office into a guest or extra bedroom that will appeal to buyers and is a simple way to increase the value of your home.

Lighten Up

Many times lighting is gets overlooked when staging a home for showings. First impressions are lasting impressions, so light it up for a positive first impression.  Make every room bright with new higher wattage light bulbs, keep blinds, draperies, curtains open to allow more natural light.  Make windows sparkle. Lighter paint colors will also create a spacious and uplifting feel to the rooms.  Most people, and this includes buyers, feel relaxed and happier in a bright and welcoming space.  A well-lit room will subconciously boost buyers' moods, making them feel "at home"-- and that's exactly what you want.

Low-Cost High Value Improvements

Think about what you can do to refresh and revamp your home without hiring others to do it for you. Pay attention to the "main attractions" that people tend to notice first, such as the kitchen cabinets and the flooring. Again, a fresh coat of paint will work miracles! Observe with a keen eye things like dated wallpaper.  Removing old or decorative wallpaper that once made sense, but does no longer, goes far and away to making the home appear fresh and modern. Simply cleaning up and squaring away makes an immense difference, both inside and outside.  Get rid of and replace any old worn out rugs or furniture to make the whole room look brand spanking new.  Shape up the outside similarly.  Removing chipped paint and repainting, beefing up the landscaping will go a long way to increase value.

Repairs Offer Big Returns

It’s important to address any major repair issues before buyers and other agents notice them. Consultation with a REALTOR is crucial to discover any underlying issues that could negatively impact an offering price on your home.  Consider having a prelisting inspection to uncover repairs/replacements you should make, giving you an opportunity to fix them before your home is put on market. Plumbing or heating/cooling, or water pressure, or leaks, for example, will diminish the value of your home. Although repairs may not always be low-cost, the return on the investment is very good.  These are often necessary steps to take to get the best offers on your home.

In summary, you don't have to and shouldn't "go for broke" to maximize the value of your home.  Knowing where to focus your prelisting home revamping efforts will make your home stand out even in the most competitive markets. By following these five simple tips and enlisting the professional opinions and suggestions of an experienced local REALTOR, you’ll be successful in bringing serious buyers to the table with the kind of offers you're aiming for in no time at all.

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