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If you're considering selling your White Mountains Arizona home, cabin, or land, Bruce & Pam Wachter have the experience knowledge, and friendly attitude to make the process pleasant for you! Whether in Pineop, Lakeside, Show Low, or anywhere in the White Mountains, call us and sell your White Mountains AZ home quickly!

Selling a White Mountains AZ Home?

Ready to sell your White Mountains AZ Home? There are a lot of pieces to put together when you undertake to sell your home! And that's why you need the agents who are right for you. We have the knowledge, expertise, and experience to get your home sold quickly and for the most amount of money. No one knows the White Mountains Real Estate Market better. Read About "Experience" And we have a POSITIVE ATTITUDE! Read About Agent Positive Attitude

Whether a "high-end" or modest home, you need us standing behind you, looking out for your very best interests. Our dedication and thoroughness will get you the results you want. Read our Testimonials

Here are a just a few things we do for you:
  • We determine your home's value using the best valuation tools and techniques to determine what your home can and will sell for and set the asking price accordingly. We will discuss and explain the valuation process, so you get a crystal-clear picture of where your homes fits into the market.
  • We stay up-to-date on constantly expanding and evolving State-required seller disclosures, forms, filings to ensure that our sellers accomplish all they are legally required to do.
  • Help you prepare your home so that it puts its "best foot forward". Download our FREE Seller's Guide - "All You Need to Know About Selling"
  • Promote your listing to the fullest extent possible, using all our highly successful tools and resources to bring you buyers. Every agent in the White Mountains, and all West USA Agents will be made aware of your listing. We will provide you with valuable feedback on showings, and actively promote all your home's great selling points to other agents.
  • You are our PRIORITY: Negotiate on your behalf with buyers, be creative, resourceful, and diligent to get you the best deal possible, keep you on your contract timeline, explain all aspects of your closing. Not only are we there when you need us, we're extremely proactive, always keeping you ahead of the curve. This extends to vigilence and oversight to make sure that buyers are accomplishing all their contractual obligations on time and correctly.

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