Monday, February 05, 2007

Multiple Washers & Dryers - The New Trend!

While home interior vacuum systems are a real convenient plus for the homeowner or the potential buyer, it seems there's a new movement afoot (for some), and that is, multiple washers and dryers throughout the home. This, according to the Wall Street Journal this month.

Gone, apparently, are the days of the basement laundry area! It seems many homeowners, including those with vast square footage and aging (ahem) Baby Boomers who would prefer not to lug laundry baskets up and down the stairs, are opting for washers and dryers in other rooms such as, bedrooms, and most importantly, guest rooms. Some homeowners, according to reports, are putting washers and dryers in every closet of every bedroom. How they do that, the female half of "Your White Mountains Realtors" does not know!

There are currently no real statistics on how many homeowners are refitting closets to accommodate extra washers and dryers, but according to reports, builders and interior designers say that the trend is catching on, most notably in higher-end homes. So we may begin to see some of this trend here in the White Mountains of Arizona, especially in our vacation/second home market, which homes, in many cases, find the owners enjoying their beautiful cabins with their guests. It would be a blessed convenience for guests to be able to perform their laundry tasks away from the main laundry area; and, even launder their own linens prior to leaving-- fantastic!

But even if a vacation home is sans extra laundry, some home owners are spending upwards of $2,500 on the newest machines that come in designer colors and run quietly, or buying specialized machines for delicate items and durable items.