Monday, August 21, 2006

Hot Tubs Make Vacation Home Rentals Pay Off!

Thinking about renting out your White Mountains Arizona vacation home? Here's an interesting and valuable tip:

"Anyone who plans to rent out a second home to vacationers should consider adding a hot tub", says Bill May, owner of Sunspots Inns, Resorts and Rentals, which maintains more than 100 properties in Hawaii and other vacation spots.
This is according to a recent article written by Tom Kelly of the Los Angeles Times, which article is attributed here in part or in total.

May estimates that vacation rental condos with hot tubs bring in an average of $14,000 more annually than rentals without hot tubs.

"It's a four-season amenity and something people really like to have available, even though they might not use it," he says. "It would probably pay for itself three times over in less than a year."

Beyond a hot tub, "What people want and will remember is that the home is pristinely clean," says Penny Taylor, May's wife and business partner. "Renters remember crisp linens and sparkling floors and are after a spot where all they need to bring is clothes and food."