Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Real Estate Flyers, Postcards, Newsletters....

If you're a property owner in the White Mountains, either full-time resident or absentee, we understand you get a whole lot of solicitations to buy/sell or just say hello to this Realtor or that Realtor in your mailbox. Promises, offers, recipes, calendars, magnets, and a bunch of other pretty neat stuff. Well, that's what most Realtors do, and you can't blame them for trying to get your attention, can you? Nope.The practice is called, "farming", and it can be a great marketing tool for Realtors. But it can get confusing when you really have a need for a Realtor and you've got a dozen postcards on the diningroom table. How do you know what to expect from a Realtor and the buying/selling process?

Many of you come on out to our website (thank you!) to find out what you really should know before you contact a Realtor-- and we don't mind one bit. We spend a great deal of time answering questions, educating about the White Mountains area/real estate, encouraging and reassuring about the buying/selling process, writing articles that give some insight into the process, and anything we can do to help you make good decisions. Many gain the needed information to feel better about contacting one of the Realtors who's sent some nifty thing or said something particularly intriguing. That's all to the good, we think. Because whether you choose to list with us or allow us to help you make a well-thought out purchase, so long as you "Consult a Realtor", we feel we've done some good.

Currently, we don't "farm", so no refrigerators have our pictures on them! We do concentrate on our active client base-- but that doesn't mean we're too busy for you to become an active client, or wouldn't want to give you a really cool calendar! What we do have for you is good advice, support, honest, professional (and friendly) real estate service.

So, when you've got a bunch of Realtor postcards and just don't know what to think, give us a call or an email and we'll help you sort it all out. We won't comment on another Realtor's ability, we'll just tell you what we can do for you and why we think we'd be a good choice or even why another Realtor might be better for your particular needs. What to expect, what to avoid. Just the straight scoop as always. And then, you decide!