Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Selling Space - Clear the Decks for a Sale!

Selling your home can be an emotional roller-coaster ride, but only if you let it be. While you can't take your emotions out of the process, you CAN control them.

Initially, begin thinking of your home as a "house", a place, a space. Sure, you've got wonderful memories imprinted on your home, but now it's time to let someone else build their wonderful memories, too.

All around your house you probably have things you love, things you've collected, things you cherish and are very proud of; but you have to look at them in a completely different light when you begin to show and sell the house. You most probably need to pack them up. Why? Because your cherished possessions may distract potential buyers from seeing the space you want to sell. They may spend time admiring and encouraging you to talk about your collections or your special pieces when you want them to look at the house, itself and the possibilities it offers the buyer.

Many sellers believe that these special objects enhance the sale of the home, but most times they are a buyer distraction. What you want to do is offer space for the buyer's imagination, for places he can put his special things. Think space. Clear away/move/store whatever you can to create space for the buyer, for his collections, his pictures, his furniture.

Showcase the house itself, not the contents. Selling time is not the time to display YOUR stuff, but the time to accept the fact that the buyer has his stuff, too, and you'd very much like him to buy your house to put it in!