Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Buying a White Mountains Arizona Vacation Home

The ski slopes are open, the pines are snow-covered, and the White Mountains of Arizona is a Winter Wonderland! So many people visit us during the glorious winter season and decide that next year they'll be spending Christmas in their own White Mountains vacation home or cabin.

But no matter what time of the year, The White Mountains of Arizona offers an enviable mix of attractive qualities for those considering the purchase of a vacation home or second home. What are some of those qualities?

The area you choose should be a top-quality area, yet be affordable now with the potential for return on investment in the future. The area should combine beautiful settings with affordability and community attributes that translate into long-term investment value for homeowners.

It should have activities, points of interest and recreation opportunities that are varied and easily accessed. Crime should be very low, communities friendly and warm, neighbors who are "neighborly" and community values that match your own. The area should have great appeal for other similar folks should you decide to offer your vacation home as a rental periodically.

The White Mountains of Arizona offers all those qualities, and a whole lot more. The peace and tranquility of our beautiful settings, our Four Seasons climate, our lovely communities, and "Welcome Home" attitude make our area perfect for your vacation home.

So when you visit this winter season,
keep in mind that home prices are traditionally a bit lower than during the warmer months, and that perfect vacation home for next year is waiting for you now!
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