Sunday, September 12, 2004

White Mountains Arizona Geocaching


Looking for something else to do in the White Mountains of Arizona? Try Geocaching! Get out and get some fresh air and exercise while participating in world-wide "treasure hunts"-- and there might be "Geocaches" hidden right here in the White Mountains! Who knew?

Geocaching is technology's newest sport, entertainment and fun-filled learning opportunity courtesy of GPS (Global Positioning System) and is catching on in a big way for hikers, both casual and serious, adventurers, and just fun-seeking outdoor activity hounds.

Geocachers hide and seek "caches" of interesting, amusing, informative (and sometimes valuable) items using GPS coordinates. Afficionados keep up-to-date on finds and hidden hoardes by visiting websites and blogs devoted to the sport. Geocaching in Arizona

The White Mountains of Arizona offers endless opportunities for finding, seeking and stashing Geocaches-- our trails system, our High Desert, mountains, streams, cliffs-- All you need is an affordable hand-held GPS unit and you're all set. Unless you want some "official" Geocaching gear, too-- and the 'net is full of places to shop.

Official Geocaching Website

What are you waiting for? Find White Mountains Vista Geocache

Get out there!