Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Living Larger in a Smaller Place

Not all that long ago, people were moving to larger cities; but that trend is tending to reverse. Why? Many people are realizing that the lifestyles of small towns (even rural) are very attractive. The White Mountains of Arizona is one of those places many people from all over the country are choosing.

I know we did-- after a long search and a lot of research, we chose the White Mountains.

Small town living offers so many benefits: smaller schools, much less crime, lower housing costs, less traffic, quiet safe parks, and more of a community feel and good will, among many other attractive benefits.

Weather has to be important when choosing a small town, and the White Mountains is a Four Seasons area. Location, too. The White Mountains puts you in striking distance of some great places to visit. Where else could you drive from your snow-covered home to the Valley to swim, all in the same day? Or take a quick run up to the Red Rocks of Sedona? Travel down to Old Mexico, take a swing to Vegas?

We think the White Mountains of Arizona is pretty darn near perfect, and that the trend towards smaller, even rural towns, is an excellent life change. Lots of books have been written about the trend. Click below for a brand new one-- see how other people did it!

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